uRAD-FL-LP Radiometric - Flat Response, Low Profile Sensor

This Watt Meter System combines a low profile radiometric sensor and a flat filter / diffuser.  It provides measurement of radiant flux in units of Watts of mW.

Combined with our highly popular S471 portable photometer, the system provides simple and precise measurements.  The package includes a battery charger and necessary connector cables.

Under the UDT Instruments brand, Gamma Scientific manufactures a broad range of precision photometers, radiometers, colorimeters and photosensors for optical measurement application.

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Precision-matched Measurement Solutions

S471 Optical Power Meter

  • High Accuracy Measurements
  • Programmable Average Readings in Low Pass or Boxcar Average
  • High Speed Update Rate
  • Optional USB to Serial Bridge Converter
  • Long Battery Lifetime or Use External Power

268LP Sensor

  • Standard Calibration in W or mW at User-Specified Wavelength
  • Dynamic Range from 7 x 10-10 to 6.5 x 10-2 W
  • Calibration Range from 350 to 1100 nm
  • Precision Flat Radiometric Filter and Diffuser
  • Integrated Attenuator for Low to Mid-Range Power Applications


Update rates

RS-232 (Display Enabled) > 2 times per second

RS-232 (Display Disabled) up to 53 times per second


Direct Measurement RS-232 interface and analog output

Analog Output Scale

± 1, 2 or 4 VDC

Communication Rate

9600 Baud

Operational Battery Life

32 Hours with backlight on

24 Hours with backlight off

Operating Temperature

10 to 60° C

Storage Temperature

-20 to 35° C for up to 1 year

External Power Source

100 to 240 VAC at 1A, 50 to 60 Hz or

12 VDC at 3.3 A, 40 W max

Internal Power Source

Rechargeable integral battery pack

5 NiMH AA, 1800 mAHr batteries

Calibration Capacity

9 Continuous or 50 single-point

Calibration Traceability

Traceable to NIST

Relative Humidity

Up to 99% (non-condensing)



Standard Calibration(s)

Optical Power in mW at user-specified wavelength

Dynamic Range

7.0 x 10-10 to 6.0 x 10-2 W

Standard Calibration Range

350 to 1100 nm in 10 nm steps

Typical Response

2.7 x 10-2   A/W @ 630 nm

Sensor Active Area

1 cm2



Optional sensors include UVA optimized, UVC optimized, Blue optimized and Flat Response

Specifications are subject to change without notice