UPRtek Handheld Portable Spectrometers

The UPRtek line of precision portable spectrometers are reliable, lightweight and easy-to-use. These spectral illuminance (LUX) meters or spectral light meters from Gamma Scientific are designed for fast and accurate light measurement. This product collection includes ultra-compact, basic and advanced models. With both battery-operated and line-power modes, these portable spectrometers are particularly well suited for field and laboratory use. 



  • Test and Characterization of Lamp and LED Light Sources
  • Luminaire Testing
  • Color Temperature Determination
  • Monitor and Display Test & Measurement
  • Laboratory Research and Development


All products within the UPRtek family carry a 3-year warranty

The MK350N Premium is a lightweight, portable and easy-to-use spectral illuminance (lux) meter or spectral light meter. It is designed for fast and accurate illuminance measurements for general...
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The MK350S Premium is a stand-alone, handheld multi-function spectrometer. In addition to a full range of spectrometer functions, it can also be used as a Quantum PAR Meter or an oscilloscope. Users...
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The PG200N is a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-operate Spectral Light Meter or Spectral PAR Meter designed for agriculture and horticulture applications. It is an interactive system and offers...
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