uRAD-FO-MINI Radiometric Meter - Mini Sphere

This Watt Meter System combines a model S471 portable photometer and a 2575 mini integrating sphere - with a high-performance silicon Radiometric sensor. It provides simple and accurate measurement of Radiant Flux in units of Watts or mW from laser sources or other focused light sources.

Under the UDT Instruments brand, Gamma Scientific manufactures a broad range of precision photometers, radiometers, colorimeters and photosensors for optical measurement application.

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Precision-matched Measurement Solutions

S471 Optical Power Meter

  • High Accuracy Measurements
  • Programmable Average Readings in Low Pass or Boxcar Average
  • High Speed Update Rate
  • Optional USB to Serial Bridge Converter
  • Long Battery Lifetime or Use External Power

2575 Integrating Sphere

  • Standard Calibration in W or mW at User-Specified Wavelength
  • Dynamic Range from 3 x 10-8 to 9.5 x 10-1 W
  • Calibration Range from 450 to 1100 nm
  • 50 mm Sphere with 5 mm Entrance Aperture




Update rates

RS-232 (Display Enabled) > 2 times per second

RS-232 (Display Disabled) up to 53 times per second


Direct Measurement RS-232 interface and analog output

Analog Output Scale

± 1, 2 or 4 VDC

Communication Rate

9600 Baud

Operational Battery Life

32 Hours with backlight on

24 Hours with backlight off

Operating Temperature

10 to 60° C

Storage Temperature

-20 to 35° C for up to 1 year

External Power Source

100 to 240 VAC at 1A, 50 to 60 Hz or

12 VDC at 3.3 A, 40 W max

Internal Power Source

Rechargeable integral battery pack

5 NiMH AA, 1800 mAHr batteries

Calibration Capacity

9 Continuous or 50 single-point

Calibration Traceability

Traceable to NIST

Relative Humidity

Up to 99% (non-condensing)



Standard Calibration(s)

Optical Power in mW at user-specified wavelength

Dynamic Range

3.0 x 10-8 to 9.5 x 10-1 W

Standard Calibration Range

350 to 1100 nm

Typical Response

1.7 x 10-3   A/W @ 940 nm

Integrating Sphere Diameter

38.1 mm

Entrance Aperture Diameter

5 mm


Model 260 silicon

Specifications are subject to change without notice