Vector Display View Angle Color Testers

Designed to characterize Display View Angle Color and Luminance, the Vector Display Multi-Angle Spectroradiometer line provides display measurements at multiple angles simultaneously. These systems measure the true spectral content of the color at multiple view angles and are especially well-suited for high color saturation or wide color gamut OLED, micro-LED, and quantum dot displays.

  • Simultaneous luminance & color measurements at multiple view angles
  • Luminance, CCT, CIE x, y, u', v' and spectrum
  • Contrast, white balance and color gamut determination
  • Integrated flicker sensor: 100K samples/second
  • USB 2.0 and RS-232 SCPI command compliant and SDK/API library support.

The GS-1164 View Angle Display Spectrometer system is designed to measure color and luminance at four different angles. Color and Luminance measurements are made simultaneously at 0, 30, 45 and 60...
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The GS-1163 multi-view angle display spectrometer is designed to measure color and luminance at three different angles simultaneously. As part of the Vector line of multi-view angle display...
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